Proxies for Web Scraping

Get access to premium proxies that will let you scrape data from any target website and run automation bots without hassle.

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Web scraping & crawling made easy

Deluxe datacenter proxies

Every IP address matters when scraping. A single faulty one can disrupt the flow of data and cause things to come crashing down. Every IP address in our pool has been carefully selected, so you can collect data in peace.

Access various content

Some content online may be restricted unless the IP address comes from a specific geographical location. Razorproxy shared datacenter proxies will give you access to IP addresses composed out of EU and US devices, allowing you to bypass any content restrictions.

Easy Rotation

Getting banned and not being able to access websites is a daily occurrence when scraping. Our datacenter proxies, both shared and dedicated, will rotate IPs after each request automatically. Any ban you receive will be instantly nullified as you’ll simply get a new IP address.

No Limits

Optimized scraping requires a lot of tinkering with settings and proxies. We know how difficult it can be, so we put no limits on our datacenter proxies. Scale your project without session, request, location, or target limitations.

shared and dedicated datacecnter proxies

Simplify scraping

Unbeatable uptime

Web crawling requires constant data collection. Our proxy pool will be able to deliver a consistent flow of data through our 99.99% uptime. Forget about losing access to websites.

Handy dashboard

Manage your web crawling and scraping project with ease through our dashboard. You’ll be able to easily see all the allocated and used traffic, manage proxy settings, export lists, get authentication details and much more.

Quick authentication

Focus on getting and analyzing data instead of tinkering with authentication details and proxy settings. Razorproxy uses the simplest possible method - USERNAME:PASSWORD. Add it to each request and you’re golden.

Dedicated support

Setting up your web crawling project is difficult enough already. Don’t waste time trying to figure out how our proxies work. Use our extensive documentation or contact 24/7 support whenever you have any issues to resolve them as soon as possible.

Choose the perfect proxy type for your project

Shared datacenter proxies​
  • Potentially more than one client per IP.​
  • US-based
  • Unlimited threads
  • USER:PASS authentication
  • Automatic rotation or static IPs
  • DOMAIN:PORT format
  • Monthly subscriptions
Dedicated datacenter proxies
  • Only one client per IP.
  • US-based
  • Unlimited bandwidth (GBs)
  • USER:PASS authentication
  • Static IPs only
  • One month plans