Proxies for Web Data Extraction

Get access to a premium proxy network that will help you extract accurate data from any source worldwide.

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Shared and dedicated IPs

EU and US proxy pools

Simple authentication

Top quality datacenter networks

Data gathering made effortless

Scrape data from any source at any time

Top-notch proxy network

Proxies for data extraction have to be carefully selected as many websites will be keen on banning anything that looks like web scraping or any other automated process. Our wide selection of dedicated and shared proxies will make data scraping virtually ban free.

Free shared datacenter Proxies

Access all content

Collecting accurate data means bypassing any content limitation a website might have imposed on you. Many of them will choose to display different data based on the perceived geographical location of your IP address. With our proxy network’s EU and US pools, however, you’ll be able to bypass any restrictions when visiting websites from these regions.

US Datacenter proxies

Easy rotation

Data scraping relies on having access to tons of fresh IP addresses so that whenever one starts receiving CAPTCHAs or gets banned, you can switch to a new one. Our solution takes care of that all for you. We rotate IP addresses with each new request, so you always have a new one at the ready.

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Limitless usage

Our proxies place nearly no limits on your operations. Scrape data without fear of running into session, thread, or any other issues. If you use dedicated IPs, there’s no limit on bandwidth as well. Feel free to scale as much as you desire.

US Datacenter proxies

Collect data at scale

Unrivaled uptime

Few proxy providers can boast uptimes above 99.99%, but we can. Our proxies nearly never go down, so you can collect data with peace of mind. With Razorproxy, you can forget about losing access to data.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Get access to an extremely detailed and user-friendly dashboard. You’ll be able to get detailed statistics, generate IP lists, and manage all of your proxies in one place. Build value through your business instead of tinkering with proxy settings.

Effortless authentication

We have enabled the simplest possible authentication method. All it takes to get started is to send your USER:PASS combination you get after subscribing to our services. SImply add the combination to your connection request and you’ll be able to scrape as much as you want.

Dedicated support

Managing proxies on your own can be a daunting task, especially for something as complicated as data gathering. Luckily, our support team is here to help. Contact our team at any time of the day or week to get answers to any proxy related questions you might have.

Choose the perfect proxy type for data collection

Shared datacenter proxies​
  • Potentially more than one client per IP.​
  • US-based
  • Unlimited threads
  • USER:PASS authentication
  • Automatic rotation or static IPs
  • DOMAIN:PORT format
  • Monthly subscriptions
Dedicated datacenter proxies
  • Only one client per IP.
  • US-based
  • Unlimited bandwidth (GBs)
  • USER:PASS authentication
  • Static IPs only
  • One month plans