Proxies for Market Research

Buy proxies that are perfectly optimized for any type of data extraction with impressive performance and extremely low block rates.

Market Research​ with data center proxies

Shared and dedicated IPs

EU and US proxy pools

Simple authentication

Top quality datacenter networks

Data collection simplified

Extract valuable insights effortlessly

Premium Proxies

Any sufficiently insightful market research attempt will require tons of data. Data extraction without the use of top-notch proxies will be prone to slowdowns, bans, and failed scraping attempts. Our proxy network will allow you to avoid all of these hurdles due to our careful selection of IPs.

collect data from nearly any country in the EU or US due to the wide selection of IP addresses we have available.

Free shared datacenter Proxies

Bypass Geo-restrictions

Many websites will limit the content displayed based on the perceived geographical location of IP addresses. To collect proper market data, you’ll need IPs that can bypass such restrictions. With our pools you’ll be able to forget about any content locks by picking from our numerous IPs located in both Europe and the United States.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Automated Rotation

Out of all the issues that can occur during data collection, getting IP addresses banned is the most damaging as it means losing access to the website. With our proxies, however, you won’t have to worry about any bans at all as they rotate automatically, allowing you to avoid any potential block.

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Limitless Scaling

Regardless of the size of your project, we’re ready to adapt to it. Our proxies have nearly no limits by default as you can enjoy unlimited sessions, threads, bandwidth (with dedicated IPs), and many other benefits.

US Datacenter proxies

A trustworthy proxy service

Perfect uptime

Our proxy network has enough top-quality IPs to withstand any potential challenge, allowing you to perform web scraping and data extraction without ever facing downtime. Our current uptime tops 99.99%, meaning you’ll always be able to finish your tasks.

User-friendly dashboard

Focus on creating value through your business instead of tinkering with software. Our handy dashboard will free up time for you to perform market research with its numerous quality-of-life and ease-of-use features.

Quick authentication

Using proxies shouldn’t be complicated. We have ensured that our services use the simplest and most commonly employed authentication method out there. Simply send the USER:PASS combination with your connection request and use proxies freely.

Experienced support

Performing large scale market research is tough, even without all of the setup required. Our account management and customer support teams are always ready to guide you if any challenges or issues appear when setting up proxies or your scraper.

Choose the perfect proxy type for your project

Shared datacenter proxies​
  • Potentially more than one client per IP.​
  • US-based
  • Unlimited threads
  • USER:PASS authentication
  • Automatic rotation or static IPs
  • DOMAIN:PORT format
  • Monthly subscriptions
Dedicated datacenter proxies
  • Only one client per IP.
  • US-based
  • Unlimited bandwidth (GBs)
  • USER:PASS authentication
  • Static IPs only
  • One month plans