Proxies for Brand Protection

Buy proxies that will make scanning numerous marketplaces and search engines easier than ever before.

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EU and US IP pools

Fast proxy authentication

Top-notch datacenter networks

Intellectual property protection made easy

Turbocharge your brand protection operations

Block-free proxies

Brand protection means going through hundreds of pages of results in search engines and listings in marketplaces. Both of these sources have extremely restrictive practices against automation in place. As a result, getting banned is a frequent occurrence. With our premium proxy server poo, however, blocks and other restrictions will be a thing of the past.

collect data from nearly any country in the EU or US due to the wide selection of IP addresses we have available.

datacenter proxy servers for protection

Access any content

Many search engines, marketplaces, and e-commerce stores will show localized results based on the perceived location of the IP address. As such, data collection on potential infringers becomes difficult due to the geographical restrictions imposed on your IP. Our datacenter proxies, however, will let you choose from addresses in Europe and the United states, making brand protection in these regions a lot easier.

Automatic IP rotation

Switching a proxy server whenever a block occurs is annoying and a waste of time, even if it is necessary. Detecting whenever a block occurs can also take some valuable time away from data extraction processes. As a result, we’ve decided to automate the entire rotation procedure and switch IPs with every request, allowing you to focus on extracting value.

datacenter proxy servers for data gathering and extrction
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Limitless scaling

Scrape as much data as you need for your brand protection and other purposes. Our proxy pools are large enough to accommodate businesses of nearly any scale. So, whatever your brand protection needs may be, we’ll do our best to match them with both our shared datacenter proxy solutions.

A trustworthy proxy service

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Perfect uptime

Forget about having to worry about losing access to data, websites, or any other source. Our proxy pools have an uptime that goes beyond 99.99%. As long as your own software can handle non-stop data collection, so can our proxies.

datacenter proxies for data gathering

Handy dashboard

Spend less time tinkering with settings, proxies, and many other annoyances and more time on building your business. Our handy dashboard will help you completely optimize the entire proxy setup process by providing detailed stats, IP generation, and many other great features.

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Quick authentication

Get started with our proxies as soon as you purchase a subscription. Authentication only requires that you send the USER:PASS combination that we deliver after purchase. All you need to do is add it in when integrating proxies and you’re good to go.

datacenter proxy for brand protection

Experienced support

Brand protection is challenging as it is. We want you to be able to focus on your business instead of tinkering with proxies. If any questions or challenges arise, our dedicated teams are always ready to help. Simply contact our support at any time to get all your questions answered.

Choose the perfect proxy type for brand protection

Shared datacenter proxies​
  • US, DE, UK IPs
  • Customizable plans
  • USER:PASS auth
  • HTTPS(s) proxies
  • Rotating / Static IPs
  • DOMAIN:PORT format
  • Up to 3 000 threads
  • Billed monthly