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Free shared datacenter Proxies

Why Choose Razorproxy ​

Thousands of Subnets

Our datacenter proxies assure the best proxy performance as we have multiple subnets. This means that your IP won't get flagged or blacklisted.

Easy Proxy Management

Forget confusing implementations as we automatically rotate shared datacenter proxies to hide your identity. Use static ports for manual configuration.

No Limits

Use datacenter proxy pool to monitor and track the web, protect your email, and ensure your company's online security.

Low Price ​

Razorproxy technology is balanced to ensure high uptime, fast proxying speed, and accessible cost. Also, you will get our tech support any time you need it!

Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, both shared rotating and dedicated datacenter proxies are located in the US.

With shared datacenter plans you can use unlimited threads, IPs and connections as you pay per traffic. With dedicated datacenter plans you can use unlimited traffic and connections as you pay per IPs.