Shared Datacenter Proxies

  • Thousands of subnets.
  • Only a few users per IP.
  • High uptime.
  • US and EU IPs
  • Customizable proxy rotation.
  • Start with 500MB free trial
Shared Datacenter Proxies

Why Razorproxy

Easy proxy management

We have developed our datacenter proxy features with ease-of-use in mind. Authentication is a simple USER:PASS combination. Additionally, with shared proxies you can choose automatic IP rotation or sticky sessions.


Fair prices

Shared datacenter proxies are priced per traffic used. While users share the same IP address, you will never have to pay for it, allowing you to extract maximum value for each gigabyte used.

fast and cheap datacenter proxies
shared and dedicated datacecnter proxies

Semi-dedicated proxies

Shared proxies are usually slow. However, our large pool of data center IPs means you won’t be sharing the same proxy with someone else all that often. You will be able to frequently retain connection speeds of a dedicated datacenter proxy.

Quick setup

Once you receive the login details, it only takes a couple minutes to start using our data center IPs. All you need to do is input the DOMAIN:PORT combination and authenticate!

Subscription plans

US and EU based shared DC proxies

Access proxies with domain:port

Unlimited threads and connections

User:pass authentication

GBs package
  • $120/mon
  • $0.48/GB
  • US and EU pools
GBs package
  • $60/mon
  • $0.60/GB
  • US and EU pools
GBs package
  • $40/mon
  • $0.80/GB
  • US and EU pools
GBs package
  • $15/mon
  • $1.00/GB
  • US and EU pools
500 MB
  • $0/month
  • $0/GB
  • US pool

Shared proxies for multiple use cases

web scraping with data center proxies.svg

Web Scraping

Monitor the web and extract the data you need without worrying about blocks.

brand protection with data center proxies.svg

Brand protection

Our shared proxies allow you to scan multiple marketplaces at once without compromising speed.

data gathering with data center proxies.svg

Ad verification

Use our shared proxy servers to monitor your Ads performance in US. Track ads and check if they reach the right audiences.

Market Research​ with data center proxies

Market Research

Shared proxies are perfect for monitoring the competition and keeping track of strategy adjustments.

Looking for static IPs with unlimited bandwidth? Check out our dedicated datacenter proxies!

Dedicated datacenter proxies​
  • US based
  • Unlimited bandwidth (GBs)
  • User:pass authentication
  • Static IPs
  • IP:port​
  • Monthly subscriptions