Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

  • Dedicated IP list.
  • Thousands of subnets.
  • High uptime.
  • US-based proxy locations.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited connections.
Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Why Razorproxy

Effortless management

All features of Razorproxy dedicated datacenter proxies are created with simplicity in mind. No usage limits, such as concurrent sessions, are in place. Once you get your dedicated IPs, you may use them freely.


Low Price

Every datacenter proxy plan provides you with a set amount of IPs. There are no hidden fees or extra payments. Pricing can start as low as $1.3 per IP per month.


US based shared and dedicated datacenter proxies
fast and cheap datacenter proxies

Static IP addresses

Datacenter proxies work best when you can maintain the same address for a while. With Razorproxy, you are assigned a dedicated datacenter proxy IP address, which does not change until requested.


Quick setup

After receiving the authentication details, all you need to do is use the IP:PORT and USER:PASS combination provided.  That’s all you need to do to enjoy the benefits of our proxy network.


Pricing plans

US-based proxy servers

Dedicated IP:port list per client

Unlimited bandwidth and connections

User:pass authentication

dedicated IPs
  • $325/mon
  • $1.3/IP
dedicated IPs
  • $132/mon
  • $1.32/IP
dedicated IPs
  • $68/mon
  • $1.36/IP
best value
dedicated IPs
  • $35/mon
  • $1.4/IP
dedicated IPs
  • $15/mon
  • $1.5/IP

Dedicated proxies for multiple use cases

Datacenter proxies are great for many projects such as web scraping, crawling, brand protection, task automation and online anonymity – you name it!

web scraping with data center proxies.svg

Web Scraping

Monitor the web, access geo-restricted content, and extract data without fear.

brand protection with data center proxies.svg


Filter traffic, maintain online anonymity, and access content without compromising security and efficiency.

data gathering with data center proxies.svg

Social media marketing

Use data centers as social media proxies to fuel marketing campaigns with an unlimited number of accounts.

Market Research​ with data center proxies

Market Research

Monitor the competition, track performance, and gain insights by taking advantage of our vast proxy network.

Looking for rotating IPs with sticky sessions? Check out our shared rotating datacenter proxies!

Shared datacenter proxies​
  • US and EU IPs
  • Unlimited threads
  • User:pass authentication
  • Automatic rotation / Static IPs
  • Domain:port
  • Monthly subscriptions