Types of datacenter proxies we support

Razorproxy is a proxy provider that offers you two datacenter proxy products: rotating shared datacenter proxies and dedicated datacenter proxies.

Shared datacenter proxies​

Potentially more than one client per IP
  • US, DE, UK IPs
  • Customizable plans
  • USER:PASS authentication
  • HTTPS(s) proxies
  • Rotating / Static IPs
  • DOMAIN:PORT format
  • Up to 20 000 threads
  • Billed monthly
Dedicated datacenter proxies​

Only one client per IP
  • US IPs
  • Unlimited bandwidth (GBs)
  • USER:PASS authentication
  • HTTP(s) proxies
  • Static IPs only
  • IP:PORT format
  • Unlimited threads
  • Billed monthly