What Are Datacenter Proxies and When You Should Use Them

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If your goal is to hide your IP address or get many IP addresses for an affordable price – you are in the right place. Datacenter proxies are known for their low cost and great connectivity. Moreover, they ensure you browse the web anonymously.

Table of Contents

What Are Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are intermediaries between you and your target websites. These proxies are regular IP addresses created virtually and hosted at the remote data centers. They are neither listed nor owned by any ISP (internet service provider) corporation 


Such proxies are absolutely reliable when you need to mask your IP address. Also, they stand out from the rest proxy types due to their high proxying speed, scalability, and low price. This is because all datacenter IPs come from cloud server providers worldwide that ensure these features.


Moreover, datacenter proxies have a better response rate than their residential counterparts and perform better where high internet connection speed is required. So there’s no surprise that datacenter proxies should be your first choice when it comes to data gathering, scraping target websites, or automating any tasks.


Datacenter proxies offer the best combination of low price and IP availability. And this is precisely what many business companies look for when choosing their proxy provider. But, of course, you might have some doubts when deciding to use datacenter proxies. Namely, your targeted websites will indicate that similar IPs from the same subnet use their services, and anti-bot algorithms could be triggered.


Relax. Here, at Razorproxy, we ensure that datacenter IPs won’t get blocked or banned. Precisely because of this, we offer two types of proxies: shared rotating and dedicated datacenter proxies.

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How Do Datacenter Proxies Work

As covered before, data center proxies act as a middleman between you and the rest of the internet. In a nutshell, it accepts your request, forwards it to your target website, and returns data back to you. These proxies hide your identity, location, and IP address.


Usually, data center proxies are created by hosting VM (virtual machines) on data centers (cloud servers) in any location. One data center can have numerous IP subnetworks which host multiple IP addresses without impacting connection performance. As a result, datacenter proxies are exceptionally pocket-friendly and offer great speed.

Types of Datacenter Proxies

Private Datacenter Proxies

Dedicated datacenter proxies are individual private IP addresses that only one user can use at any time. These proxy servers can be used for personal and business purposes as no personal information will be compromised.


Dedicated proxies are highly demanded. As you pay per IPs, you get unlimited bandwidth and have full ownership of your proxies. Namely, only you decide how and when they are going to be used. Moreover, using dedicated proxies will not affect your browsing speed and will also minimize any risk of being flagged as you are not sharing this proxy with anyone else.

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Shared datacenter proxies are IP addresses that multiple users can use at the same time. IPs rotate automatically, and you can choose how fast you want them to rotate (sticky sessions can go up to 30 minutes).


Shared rotating proxies grant you access to the whole shared IP pool, unlimited concurrent sessions, and no target limitations as you pay per GBs. These proxies are perfect for web scraping en masse.

Use Cases for Datacenter Proxies

Anonymous Browsing

Hide your IP address and real identity while browsing the internet with proxies. Use dedicated datacenter proxies to protect your privacy online.

Web Scraping

Shared or dedicated datacenter proxies help you avoid IP blocks while monitoring SEO, e-commerce prices and products, and generating leads.

Social Media Marketing

Use dedicated datacenter proxies to manage social media platforms and avoid accounts' limitation per IP.

Access Geo-Restricted Content

Access geo-restricted content and websites as if you're there! Multiple datacenter servers are great for market research.

Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Requests

With datacenter proxies, you can easily monitor your network by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic.

Brand Protection

Datacenter proxy pool allows you to monitor and track the web, protect your email, secure intellectual property, and ensure your company's online security.

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