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How to Make Money Web Scraping

How to Make Money Web Scraping (8 Ways)

Data is often called the new gold, and companies pay loads of money for it. Businesses use data to find new clients, conduct business analyses, or predict future trends. However, web scraping requires considerable knowledge, and

Watch Netflix from other countries

How To Watch Netflix from Other Countries (2022 Guide)

Netflix is an absolute juggernaut of worldwide streaming services. It is clearly the number one place to stream movies and tv shows with other similar services still way behind. The popularity of Netflix is immense, partly

Web Scraping Techniques: Guide to Scraping Data

If you’re thinking about taking your business to the next level, you’re probably considering web scraping. Data gathering can be highly beneficial for companies since it helps make data-driven decisions, learn more about your competitors, and

Browser Fingerprinting

What is Browser Fingerprinting?

Browser fingerprinting is a way to track users by evaluating details about their web browser and noting down all the unique features. If a browser is unique, the user can be tracked across websites and platforms

login to razorproxy dashboard

Shared Datacenter Proxy User Dashboard Is Live

We have launched a new convenient dashboard for all shared datacenter proxy subscribers. The dashboard will allow tracking your usage statistics and managing your account.    The dashboard also makes it easy to contact our support

Configure Firefox Proxy Settings

How to Configure Firefox Proxy Settings

In this guide, we’re assuming that you have Mozilla Firefox installed and a proxy available. If you don’t, you can download and install Mozilla Firefox from their official website. For proxies, we suggest you get our

Set Up a Proxy Server in Chrome

How to Set Up a Proxy Server in Chrome?

In this guide, we are assuming you already have proxies and Google Chrome installed on your system. If necessary, you can download Chrome on their website and get proxies on our datacenter proxy product page. Table

What is an Anonymous Proxy

What is an Anonymous Proxy?

An anonymous proxy is a type of proxy that does not transmit your information to the destination server. If you are using an anonymous proxy, the website, application, or any other machine to which you connect

Bypass CAPTCHA Verification

How to Bypass CAPTCHA Verification?

CAPTCHA can be the bane of a botter’s existence. Any automated actions online can trigger websites to initiate the CAPTCHA test, which is usually impossible for a bot to beat. Various workarounds have been developed, such

Set Up A Proxy With FoxyProxy

How to Set Up a Proxy with FoxyProxy?

For this FoxyProxy guide we assume that you have either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed. You can download Chrome and Firefox from their dedicated pages. You will also need proxies. We recommend using our datacenter