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google proxy server

How to Use Google as Proxy Server

Proxy servers are used to bypass restrictions that may be administered either broadly or by the local network administrator. Such restrictions may be applied for various reasons. Your workplace, school, or local library may block access

what is a headless browser

What Is a Headless Browser?

A headless browser is a web browser that doesn’t have a user interface. It works just like any other website browser, but it’s not visible to users and runs in the background. Table of Contents How

how to avoid phishing

How to Avoid Phishing Scams? 5 Tips for Staying Safe

Cybercrime and phishing has skyrocketed since the worldwide pandemic happened. As individuals and businesses moved online, hackers and other sorts of criminals tried to seize the opportunity. Table of Contents Unfortunately, phishing is an inevitable part

gologin proxy

GoLogin Proxy Integration Guide

GoLogin is a browser environment management application that is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Its primary purpose is to help you easily integrate proxies, change your browser fingerprint, and improve online privacy in general. Table

proxy error

How to Fix Proxy Error Codes?

Web scraping, web crawling, and similar methods are used by companies and individuals in order to gather information. Public data collected in such a way might be useful for further business activities. To do it efficiently,

proxy settings windows 10

How to Configure Proxy Settings in Windows 10

If you are using the Windows 10 operating system (OS), you don’t need any third-party software to configure proxy settings. With the option of setting up a network proxy, you are able to hide your internet


AdsPower Proxy Integration Guide

This guide will show you how to single import proxies with AdsPower anti-detect browser. Table of Contents Try our proxies today! Register and experience the benefits of the dashboard right away. Sign Up Now! 1. Download

How to Use Proxies for Web Scraping

How to use Proxies for Web Scraping

While many things may seem optional, proxies for scraping are definitely not. Website administrators often look down upon bots and automated web data extraction. If they detect automation, they will often choose to ban the offending

IPv4 vs. IPV6. Which is better

IPv4 vs IPv6: Which is better?

Cyberspace is getting bigger, wider, and greater in every sense of the word. Aside from the many benefits that come from it, such enhanced connectivity also comes with a new set of challenges.  Table of Contents

How to Set a Proxy Server on Mac

How to Set a Proxy Server on Mac

There are two primary ways to set up a proxy server on Mac. One way is to use the Network Settings, which is easier for less tech-savvy users, but has some drawbacks. The other uses the