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Transparent proxy

What is a Transparent Proxy?

A transparent proxy, also known as an inline proxy, is an intermediary server that stands in-between a user and their network. It intercepts all requests sent by a device, but doesn’t modify them like other proxies.

no code web scraper

9 Best No Code Web Scrapers

Web scraping is the process of using automated bots and software tools for data extraction from publicly available data sources. Web scrapers usually extract unstructured web data and provide it in a structured, user-friendly format, such

reverse proxy vs forward proxy

Reverse Proxy vs Forward Proxy: What’s the Difference?

You may run into different types of proxies. A reverse and forward proxy are often compared to each other because they both stand between clients and servers. However, these proxies have more differences than similarities.  

best language for web scraping

8 Best Languages for Web Scraping

Professionals and amateurs all over the world utilize web scraping to harvest the endless data resources publicly available on the Internet. Whenever embarking on a web scraping project one is faced with multiple choices, such as

7 Ways to Improve Data Collection

7 Ways to Improve Data Collection

Accurate information is the foundation of many practices in the current world. As such, the big data revolution has impacted everything – from science and business to the way we interact with each other. Thus, data

network scanning tools (1)

5 Best Network Scanning Tools for 2022

Network scanning is a fundamental part of online security. While it’s rarely performed by regular internet users, security professionals perform network scans on a frequent basis to discover vulnerabilities and potential attackers. As the process involves

web scraping challenge

9 Web Scraping Challenges To Be Aware Of

Web scraping is becoming more popular than ever. Real-time data is valuable, and companies need it for various use cases. Businesses scrape data to analyze customer preferences, set business goals, track market trends, and use it

free proxies vs paid proxies

Free Proxies vs Paid Proxies

New proxy users often run into a common question – should I pay for proxies? The internet is loaded with free proxies that seem very tempting, while paid proxies can cost a little fortune, especially when

IP Hopping for Bouncing an IP Address

IP Hopping for Bouncing an IP Address

IP hopping or bouncing is the process of using a single IP address for a short period of time and then switching to a different one to avoid tracking and extended data exchange. Getting a new