9 Best No Code Web Scrapers

no code web scraper
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Web scraping is the process of using automated bots and software tools for data extraction from publicly available data sources. Web scrapers usually extract unstructured web data and provide it in a structured, user-friendly format, such as JSON, CSV, or other familiar file types. 


Writing code to create a web scraper used to be an integral part of scraping. However, as the practice of web scraping grew in importance and developed, now it is possible to find no code tools online. The opportunity to utilize web scraping is now open to everyone, irrespective of programming and other technical skills. If you are one of those who wish to start web scraping with a ready-made tool, here is a list of the best no code web scrapers for you to pick from.

Table of Contents

1. Octoparse


Let us kick off the list with an all-in-one solution that is Octoparse. This no code web scraping tool is cloud-based and offers access to data on its cloud platform on a 24/7 basis. This way easy, round-the-clock access from any device is ensured, making it extremely convenient.  Octoparse is capable of data extraction from all sorts of websites including those requiring login details or infinite scrolling.


Other benefits include automatic IP rotation for safer scraping and task scheduling. Octoparse also offers a free trial version for 10 simple tasks, allowing the user to get acquainted with the service and decide if they want to go all in.


While the paid plans are not the cheapest, ranging from $89 to $249 a month, there is good reason to consider them as they grant a lot of valuable features. For enterprises with high-capacity parsing needs, Octoparse is offering to contact them directly and work out a deal. It certainly goes to show that Octoparse is as capable as web scraping services get.


Finally, Octoparse offers a point-and-click interface for all data extraction needs. Thus, it is also very simple to use for those who have never used a web scraping tool before. The data scraped with Octoparse can be accessed via API or Excel and moved to the user’s own database.

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2. Parsehub


Another great cloud-based web scraping tool is Parsehub. It is capable of extracting all kinds of data from text to images to HTML data and attributes. Parsehub can extract structured data from all kinds of web pages, including dynamic websites. It is also powerful enough to extract content from interactive websites that use JavaScript or AJAX to load.  


Parsehub is also scalable and fast, with the potential of collecting hundreds of thousands of data points in minutes. It also offers various ways to access the extracted data – from CSV files and tableaus to Google Sheets. Such a wide range of features also makes Parsehub a web scraping tool for all kinds of data extraction needs. From e-commerce price aggregation to scraping for lead generation, all is made easy with this no code web scraping software.


However, Parsehub is more expensive than the aforementioned Octoparse, with the professional package reaching as much as $599 a month. Just like Octoparse, Parsehub is also offering a free trial for 5 public projects and premium support for enterprise web scraping clients.


Another nice offer one can find on their website are the free web scraping courses, allowing anyone to learn the basics. Put together with the no code features of this data extraction tool, it makes for a great way to get into web scraping for anyone without prior technical skills.

3. Automatio


Automatio is a web automation tool offering to create scraping bots in minutes. Perhaps its most alluring feature is the non-complicated visual interface, that makes building a web scraper as easy as playing a simple game. This makes the user experience especially satisfying and requires no previous technical knowledge.


The fact that Automatio is available as a Chrome extension makes it even more convenient to use. However, the website does not specify how much of what it is offering can be used for free and the pricing of their additional services. 


Additionally, Automatio offers to access its cloud-based bot through a multifunctional dashboard. The dashboard includes such features as Screenshots, allowing you to see exactly what the bot sees, and Logs, which is a feature, allowing to debug the bot when needed.


Automatio offers all the most popular ways to create structured data after scraping, including CSV, JSON, and RSS formats. It comes with a reCAPTCHA solver and the ability to automatically fill in forms, making scraping with this tool efficient and free of issues.

4. Data Miner

Data miner

Data Miner can be used as a free extension for Chrome or Microsoft Edge. It allows users to  scrape 500 pages a month, which might be more than enough for beginners or those working on small projects.


The paid plans range from $19.99 a month for the starter package to $200 a month for a business plan. Thus, Data Miner is quite cheap even as a paid service. But that does not make it any less valuable tool for most web scraping needs.


Instead of coding, with Data Miner you can create a recipe that describes what sort of data extraction you need to be performed on a particular web page. Recipes can also be saved for further usage, making web scraping with this tool convenient and efficient.


Data Miner also includes many of the familiar features that the best web scrapers usually offer. From scraping dynamic pages to accessing content behind firewalls and logins, one can do almost everything with Data Miner.


Almost, because some of the features, such as automatic form filling or downloading full HTML pages are still lacking. However, Data Miner is upfront about this and claims that such updates are coming soon.

5. Web Scraper


Yes, this web scraper is simply called Web Scraper. As an extension for Chrome or Firefox, it is also free for some basic features. Their free solution is for local use only but includes scraping dynamic websites and JavaScript execution, so it is certainly worth something.


The paid plans have a decent range to choose from, with the most expensive one being $300 a month, which is much less than many other top services charge. These plans offer everything you might need for your project from data parser to proxies to get the job done from A to Z.


Other features of Web Scraper include a task scheduler and Webhooks, which inform you with a notification when the scraping is complete. Thus, if you are not into coding, you can just relax and let the automated tool do everything for you and it will tell you when it is done.


As Web scraper is another cloud-based tool, it is easily scalable. Data can be exported to Google Sheets, Dropbox, or Amazon S3 and the scrapers can be accessed via API. Thus, this is another tool that is easy to use and can quickly provide the exported data in a convenient manner.

6. ScrapeStorm


ScrapeStorm’s website immediately informs visitors that this tool is built by an ex-Google crawler team. So, we are assured that we are in good hands here. And the team has certainly done everything to leave as little nuisance for users as possible when it comes to web scraping.


The web scraper they have built is capable of automatically differentiating between list, tabular, and other kinds of data as well as identifying pagination buttons. Thus, as a user you do not need to code any sort of rules, just tell the scraper what you want to get from the web page.


ScrapeStorm is a visual scraping tool, allowing you to easily download visual data as though simply browsing the website. The data can be provided in many types from simple text documents to SQL servers.


The free starter pack for 10 tasks includes many of the desired ScrapeStorm features, like automatic data identification and manual action simulation. Meanwhile, all of the features they have can be unlocked for only $79.99 a month if billed annually, making it one of the cheapest professional web scrapers out there.


ScrapeStorm boasts that it is not only available on all operating systems from Windows to macOS to Linux, but that switching between platforms is simple and convenient. As an easy-to-use and no manual work requiring tool, ScrapeStorm certainly provides one of the best web scrapers for beginners.

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7. Apify


Like other web scrapers on this list, Apify offers no-coding solutions for most online data scraping needs. This web scraping platform offers to automate any online process to improve browsing and scraping efficiency.


A neat feature of Apify is readymade tools that are created for specific websites and tasks. For example, the platform offers an Instagram profile scraping tool and a scraper for Booking.com accomodation data. You can also try out these tools for free, making it a risk-free experience.


Otherwise the prices start at $49 a month. There is also a customizable enterprise package offered, that will allow you to tailor the service for your needs and pay for what you get. Since there are many web scrapers with higher initial prices, trying out this package seems like a viable option as it is unlikely that you will end up overpaying.


Apify offers to deliver data in popular formats like JSON and CSV as well as easy integration with various platforms. Its website is filled with use cases and testimonials, lending to trustworthiness. And since it can provide what one would expect from the best web scrapers, including datacenter proxy rotation it is well worth a try.

8. Listly


Listly is a free Chrome extension for web scraping. However, just like all no code web scrapers, it also offers a paid plan which currently costs $90 monthly or $990 if paid annually. The free package limits URLs to 100 a month, but allows all data to be downloaded from any kind of web page, making it a decent trial.


The scraped data is managed through a dashboard and can easily be connected with other services through an API. Listly also offers automated clicking and group data extraction which increases the speed and efficiency of web scraping.


Another nice feature allows users to automatically save content while scrolling up and down, which also makes data extraction fun and simple. In addition, Listly offers the staples of web scraping such as adding a proxy server and task scheduler with notifications about finished tasks.


Thus, as far as free web scrapers go, Listly is certainly a fine option, especially for those new to web scraping.

9. Agenty


The list of best web scrapers requiring no coding ends with another cloud-based web automation solution. Agenty also offers not only web scraping but data packages and other products that data-driven individuals and organizations might be interested in.


Their web scraping agent has a built-in API and is capable to scrape data from any website. Agenty offers fast website crawling as well as an option to check URL history. It has all the features you would expect from top web scrapers, including automatic IP rotation and batch crawling. The data is provided in the most common formats like CSV, TSV, and JSON.


Prices for the packages offered range from $29 to $249 a month. A free trial and customizable enterprise package offers are also available. Thus, this web scraping solution has something to offer for any budget and will get the job done.


In addition to their no code solution, Agenty also offers an opportunity to modify the scraping software with your own scripting. It is a great solution for more advanced users who are now ready to take steps into web scraping with coding.

Proxies for no code web scrapers

Most of the best web scrapers will have a feature for built-in proxy rotation. This is an essential feature when one is trying to create an all-in web scraping solution as it can’t be utilized without proxies.


Proxies are an integral part of web scraping as only they can ensure that various anti-bot measures are bypassed. Without IP address rotation, web scrapers would get blocked quickly and cause users to lose access to websites or applications. At least until they start over with a new IP address.


However, web scraping solution providers will not always offer rotating proxies along with their service. Sometimes they will just provide an option to integrate proxy servers but you will have to have connection details. Even when solution providers have their own proxy addresses, it is always a good idea to increase your security by additional proxy service from profesional providers.


There are free proxies that you can find to use along with the no code web scrapers on this list. Look for rotating datacenter proxies as they will ensure that you get all the anonymity and speed that you will ever need for online data extraction. Once you have your proxies in place and have chosen the right no code scraping tool for you, relax and let the bots do all the work for you.

To sum up

Web scraping is no longer an activity for the chosen few well-versed in coding and software development. With the above-listed no code solutions, anyone and their mother can extract data from online sources with just a few clicks. Thus, if you are looking for a simple way to get all the data that you need, look no further than this list. Choose your solution and let the data come to you.  

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