Free Proxies vs Paid Proxies

free proxies vs paid proxies
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New proxy users often run into a common question – should I pay for proxies? The internet is loaded with free proxies that seem very tempting, while paid proxies can cost a little fortune, especially when they’re needed for large-scale projects.

Choosing between free and paid proxies can seem like an easy decision because most reviews give a very clear answer: if you care about anonymity and security, choose paid proxies.


However, this is just a short answer that doesn’t cover all the scenarios, and the truth is slightly different. A reliable free proxy is not a mythical creature. You can get premium proxies with high anonymity, great performance, and client support for free. The truth is, premium quality free IP addresses exist, and you can get them very easily. But before we get into that, let’s review free and paid proxies.

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What are Free Proxies?

Free proxies are proxies that come at a small price or no cost at all. These proxies often come from anonymous sources. However, you can also find free proxies offered by premium proxy service providers to attract more users to their paid services.


Most free proxies are datacenter IP addresses. Just like with paid proxies, users can switch between free proxies whenever required by rotating them. Free proxies cover all the same features as paid proxies, but their providers gather income from other sources, for example, by featuring ads to their proxy users.


When it comes to risks, free proxies have quite a few of them. In most cases, free proxies are slow or unreliable. They can be available one day and then be deleted by their owners. A free IP address can also be used by many users at the same time, which can compromise its speed and anonymity. Free proxy servers can quickly get turned into paid servers, too. 

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What are Paid Proxies?

Paid proxies can offer various benefits, such as speed and security

Paid proxy users get charged for the web traffic or for the number of IPs they acquire. Paid proxies come in various types, such as residential or datacenter proxies and rotating or static IPs. These proxies often include encryption, which means that proxy users who pay for the services cannot be tracked to their original IPs. 


Paid proxies are often offered by premium proxy service providers. Their users get all the support and can choose from a wide variety of proxy locations. However, using paid proxies can mean large bills since connecting to various paid proxy servers can inflate the overall usage of IPs.


Even when choosing premium paid services, users sometimes experience unexpected downtimes and other interruptions. That’s why it’s important to pick a reliable proxy provider. To do that, read various reviews and, if possible, test proxies before committing to one service provider. If you have the resources and work on large projects, it may be a good idea to subscribe to a couple of proxy services because if one of them goes down, another one will keep your tasks running.

Free and Paid Proxies: Use Cases

Free proxies are often used by those who don’t want to pay for a proxy server. This includes students working on a web scraping project or individuals with small proxy needs. Free proxies often come from programmers and can be deleted at any time or turned into paid proxies. This means they’re not a great option for large projects that require stable and reliable proxy servers.


Paid IP providers ensure their proxies have high uptime and are reliable. Companies that work on large data gathering projects choose paid proxy services because they can often ensure better efficiency, privacy, and come with client support. 


Social media management, advertisement services, SEO companies, and similar businesses prefer paid services. These businesses often require proxies from a wide range of locations and maximum anonymity, which premium proxy providers can ensure.

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Free vs Paid Proxies: Advantages and Disadvantages

Comparing free vs paid proxies can help you choose the right type for your case

Which type of IP address to choose mainly depends on the use case, but both paid and free proxies have various benefits and drawbacks. To conveniently compare these types of IPs, we listed their main pros and cons.


Paid proxy

Free proxy


Can be very expensive

Free or cheap


Cover a wide range of locations

Cover the most popular locations


Depending on the type, proxy providers and targets, can be very fast

Are often considerably slower


Encrypted traffic

May include malware



Can be unreliable, depending on the provider

Client support


In most cases, unavailable

What you see in the comparison table may confirm what most proxy reviews claim — that the only benefit of free proxies is that they’re free. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider free IPs. These proxies are still good for a number of use cases. But if you’re looking for a reliable solution, you should choose premium quality free proxies.

Premium Quality Free Proxies

Those who wish to get the advantages of paid proxies for the price of free IP addresses can choose premium quality free proxies. Such proxies are much rarer than regular free proxies, but they provide all the paid IP address benefits. In most cases, premium quality free proxies are limited in number or traffic, but they are a great option for small tasks or to test paid proxies before buying them.


Razorproxy offers premium quality free proxies. All users can enjoy 500MB of very fast free proxies with maximum security. These proxies include all the benefits of paid proxies, only for free. 


Users can get datacenter proxies from multiple subnets, which means that these proxies won’t get flagged or blacklisted during important web scraping tasks. You can choose to rotate proxies for maximum anonymity or configure them to stay static whenever needed. The implementation is simple, and these IPs are perfect for both companies and individuals. Every Razorproxy user receives client support while enjoying premium proxies for no cost.


When comparing free proxies vs paid proxies, the paid ones quickly get ahead of the former ones. Free proxy servers come at no cost, but they often have many drawbacks. These include poor security, low speed, and unreliable services. In some cases, using a free proxy is simply not an option because security and speed are of higher priority than the price.


When it comes to paid proxies, they are much more reliable. Paid IP providers can ensure customer support, and these proxies have higher success rates in various tasks. Not to mention the security aspects.


However, not everything is black and white. Users can get a premium quality free proxy and enjoy all the paid IP address advantages without spending any money on a proxy address. Razorproxy offers 500MB of premium quality free proxies which are fast, reliable, and anonymous.

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