Mary Jane

An entrepreneur and hustler at heart, Mary has been involved in the proxy industry for several years now. Growing up around tech-minded people allowed her to stay involved with the industry while maintaining her keen eye for opportunity. Now Mary is combining her skills and sharing them with the world through the art of writing.
dedicated ip vs shared ip

Dedicated IP vs Shared IP: The Difference

Every single internet user connects to the online world via an IP address. However, to get more anonymity or to access content that is only available in a specific location, internet users need to turn to

web scraping ideas

10 Web Scraping Project Ideas for 2022

Web scraping has become one of the most essential data gathering methods for modern businesses. With the awe-inspiring volume of information created and shared online every day, one might feel overwhelmed when tasked with analyzing it

what is ad fraud

What is Ad Fraud & How to Prevent it

Online advertisement is a business with many opportunities. A lot of money flows into this industry as companies spend massive amounts on advertising online since the internet is the place that has unlimited potential for bringing

what are http headers

What are HTTP Headers?

Every internet user constantly comes into contact with HTTP headers, whether they know it or not. The ones that know them well and constantly interact with these headers are web developers and other IT professionals.  Table

benefits of a proxy server

Benefits of a Proxy Server

Proxy servers are frequently used by individuals and companies alike. While they require some technical expertise to utilize, the benefits a proxy server provides are immense, ranging from increased privacy to the enablement of revenue generating

web crawling vs web scraping

Web Crawling vs Web Scraping

It is easy to mistake web scraping and web crawling. These two terms are intertwined and the processes often go together. It doesn’t help that many sources use them interchangeably and include crawling as a part

google proxy server

How to Use Google as Proxy Server

Proxy servers are used to bypass restrictions that may be administered either broadly or by the local network administrator. Such restrictions may be applied for various reasons. Your workplace, school, or local library may block access

what is a headless browser

What Is a Headless Browser?

A headless browser is a web browser that doesn’t have a user interface. It works just like any other website browser, but it’s not visible to users and runs in the background. Table of Contents How

how to avoid phishing

How to Avoid Phishing Scams? 5 Tips for Staying Safe

Cybercrime and phishing has skyrocketed since the worldwide pandemic happened. As individuals and businesses moved online, hackers and other sorts of criminals tried to seize the opportunity. Table of Contents Unfortunately, phishing is an inevitable part

gologin proxy

GoLogin Proxy Integration Guide

GoLogin is a browser environment management application that is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Its primary purpose is to help you easily integrate proxies, change your browser fingerprint, and improve online privacy in general. Table