Mary Jane

An entrepreneur and hustler at heart, Mary has been involved in the proxy industry for several years now. Growing up around tech-minded people allowed her to stay involved with the industry while maintaining her keen eye for opportunity. Now Mary is combining her skills and sharing them with the world through the art of writing.
web scraping challenge

9 Web Scraping Challenges To Be Aware Of

Web scraping is becoming more popular than ever. Real-time data is valuable, and companies need it for various use cases. Businesses scrape data to analyze customer preferences, set business goals, track market trends, and use it

free proxies vs paid proxies

Free Proxies vs Paid Proxies

New proxy users often run into a common question – should I pay for proxies? The internet is loaded with free proxies that seem very tempting, while paid proxies can cost a little fortune, especially when

IP Hopping for Bouncing an IP Address

IP Hopping for Bouncing an IP Address

IP hopping or bouncing is the process of using a single IP address for a short period of time and then switching to a different one to avoid tracking and extended data exchange. Getting a new

surf websites anonymously

How to Surf Websites Anonymously: Guide for 2022

Anonymity online has been a topic for years now. Everyone knows about the tracking search engines have implemented and some of the popular ways of protecting oneself such as incognito mode.   Yet, incognito mode only

proxy vs vpn

Proxy vs VPN: The Difference

Proxy servers and virtual private networks have been in advertisements, news, and many other outlets. They have been popping up left and right on every piece of media and content. Often, however, the differences between a

how to access blocked websites

How to Access Blocked Websites (6 Ways)

Companies, governments, and individuals can block access to websites in numerous ways. From proxies that filter content to banning in firewall rules, the methods are many and produce varied results.   Luckily, there are equally as

what is ssl proxy

What is an SSL Proxy?

An SSL proxy is an intermediary server that uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. They are also known as HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL) proxies. In essence, they use cryptography to encrypt data that’s

public ipv6 address

IPv6: Public Address vs Private

IPv6 is a long-standing upgrade for the regular Internet Protocol we’ve been using for decades. The earlier version IPv4, while still in widespread use, doesn’t have enough IP addresses to serve the current global needs, hence

rotate ip address

 How to Rotate IP Address

IP rotation is the process of changing your assigned Internet Protocol address after a set amount of time or after each connection request sent. There are various good reasons to do so, ranging from avoiding IP

socks vs http proxy

SOCKS vs HTTP Proxy: The Difference

There are many different proxy server types. Some of them differ by their source such as residential or datacenter proxies, others through encryption protocols. Finally, there are two types of proxies that can be differentiated by