AdsPower Proxy Integration Guide

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This guide will show you how to single import proxies with AdsPower anti-detect browser.

Table of Contents
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1. Download and install AdsPower

Download min

Download AdsPower from their official website and install it on your computer.

2. Create a profile and choose an account platform

Create min

Click Create and pick an account platform. You can choose from a number of different social platforms, such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc. If your preferred platform isn’t listed, select Other and enter the URL of the platform you need.

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3. Choose the proxy type and enter proxy settings

From a dropdown menu, pick a proxy type you want to use. You can also choose noproxy, which will let you run automation without a proxy. 

proxy import min

To integrate your proxies, you’ll have to get this information from your proxy service provider: 

  • proxy type
  • proxy host
  • proxy port
  • proxy username
  • proxy password 


Click on Check proxy to see if it works.


Now select which group you want to import or create a new group. Click OK.

import group min

4. Open the profile

open profile management min

Once everything is set, go to the profile management page and open your profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AdsPower is a multi-login, anti-detect browser. It’s a solution for multiple account management since the tool allows different accounts to browse in separate environments, even on the same computer. AdsPower enables users to browse undetected by customizing browser fingerprints.

AdsPower can set independent browser fingerprints, such as cookies, time zone, language, font, user agent, etc. Browser fingerprinting parameters can be set automatically or customized for user needs. Users can get an isolation fingerprint browser for each of the accounts they manage. 

AdsPower is used for managing multiple social media accounts, affiliate marketing, traffic arbitrage, e-commerce account making, advertising and other tasks requiring multiple physical devices to run. The browser automation tool allows running different tasks from the same computer while appearing as if they would come from various devices. Different team members from your business can collaborate on tasks run via AdsPower.

Effectively running AdsPower requires proxies, and the tool doesn’t provide them.


You need proxies for a few reasons. If many requests come from the same IP address, the IP may quickly get blocked. That’s why you need a different IP address for each browser.


Another reason for using proxies with the AdsPower browser is geo-location restrictions. Proxies allow sending requests from different locations and accessing content that may be unavailable in some countries.  


When using proxies, the target websites won’t be able to easily identify your requests as being sent from an automation tool. You can mimic an organic user’s behavior and browse the web like a regular user.

The best proxies for AdsPower are datacenter proxies and residential proxies. 


Datacenter proxies are much faster and cheaper than residential ones, and you can use them for various operations with AdsPower. These IPs come from subnetworks, so they may be easier identified as proxies, but if you need to send large numbers of requests for web targets that are less sensitive, datacenter proxies are the best for the job.


Residential IPs come from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), so they are less likely to be identified as proxies. However, they’re much slower and more expensive than datacenter IPs. These proxies can be useful for running multiple social media accounts with AdsPower.

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