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How to Find a Proxy Server Address?

It’s no secret that proxy servers are the best tool for bypassing geo-blocks and keeping you anonymous while performing web scraping, market research, or other tasks. Using proxies is straightforward, but there are some more complicated


What Can Someone Do With Your IP Address?

It is hard to underestimate the efforts hackers could put in to find your IP address. They are a crucial piece of information for identifying you online. Knowing what someone can do with your IP address


Semi-Dedicated Proxies: All You Need To Know

If you’ve been wondering what proxy to choose, you may have run into all types of different proxies. Shared and private (or dedicated) proxies are rather widely known, but not everyone has heard of semi-dedicated proxies.

Retail monitoring

Retailer Monitoring: Everything You Need to Know

As customers, we tend to look for products at multiple retailers while comparing their offers and prices before making a purchase. With the rise of e-commerce websites, it is easier than ever. But for brands, this

Dynamic pricing

Razorproxy Customizable Pricing is Live!

We’ve looked into the data, listened to customer feedback, and analyzed the proxy industry to bring you these exciting changes. Most proxy providers charge you for the entire package, filling it with features you might not

content automation guide

Content Automation: What You Should Know

Content automation may seem like a buzzword that has been making the rounds due to artificial intelligence and machine learning. But it actually has been around for much longer as it’s not only about ways to

large scale web scraping

Large Scale Web Scraping: Challenges and Solutions

Web data has immense value for various businesses. It can help predict future trends, monitor competitors, and introduce various business strategies, such as dynamic pricing for e-commerce companies. Collecting large-scale data comes with challenges, which may

social media scraping

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Scraping

Social media is widely used by everyone, ranging from individuals to huge corporations. They post and submit lots of data and content on a daily basis. Some of it is of great use, whether to academic

how does a proxy server improves security

How Does a Proxy Server Improve Security

The internet contains a lot of valuable information but also many threats. With data breaches becoming more common, more and more companies invest money in robust security systems. However, businesses often only start taking action after

Browser Automation: What It Is and How to Start

Browser Automation: What It Is and How to Start

Automation is an essential part of software and web development. If everything was done manually, web developers would waste their precious time clicking on all the buttons, testing submission forms, and looking for broken links. Thanks