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Scramble Your IP Address

IP Scrambler – Scramble Your IP Address

Each time you connect to the internet with any device, an IP address is assigned. They can be permanent or temporary, but without one there’s no way to get to the internet. Table of Contents Whenever

VPN Alternatives

VPN Alternatives

In recent years VPNs (virtual private network) have exploded in popularity. Even people who have no qualms about internet security, privacy, or anonymity have heard of them. Mostly thanks to the ubiquity of advertisements and influencer

dedicated datacenter proxies

Proxy vs Firewall: The Difference

Most people have heard about firewalls, whether from movies or real life experiences. Proxy servers are still a bit of a mythical concept to most. Yet, in some sense, both a firewall and a proxy server

web scraping

Best Practices for Web Scraping: 6 Tips to Follow

Web scraping may seem harmless, especially if you’re the one doing it. After all, you’re just sending requests and downloading data. It can’t be that bad, right? Table of Contents While one person scraping data from

datacenter vs residential proxies

Datacenter vs Residential Proxies

If your goal is to hide your IP address or get many IP addresses for an affordable price – you are in the right place. Datacenter proxies are known for their low cost and great connectivity.